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ET recently sat down with James McCartney in London as he prepares to follow in his famous father's footsteps by releasing his first full-length album and embarking an a major US tour. 
James, 35-who over the years contributed by playing guitar and drums on solo albums by his father and latemother, Linda-admits he's a bit nervous about launching a full-fledged career in the "rock and roll kind of lifestyle." But he also said it's exciting to be releasing his new album Me -dropping May 21-which he describes as "intimate, deeply personal, and honest." The first single off the album, Strong As You, is currently available on iTunes.
James said that one of the best parts of the tour will be getting to see parts of the southwestern U.S. that were so beloved by his American mother. "Just enjoying music and traveling and going to the southwest of America, which I love. There's a place my mom loved," he said. Check out James' 47-date tour schedule- which kicked off April 6 in Portland, OR- to see when he'll play a city near you.

He revealed that his upcoming performances will be unique solo-acoustic shows, but his overall musical influences evolved over the years. "I went through a big Nirvana phase. Now I'm more into the Beatles and the Stones-the '60's stuff. So really, ultimately just everything."

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