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One of the artists and organisers of the For George exhibition at Liverpool Academy of Arts on Seel Street, honouring the life of former Beatle George Harrison to mark what would have been his 70th year. The show that runs from 26 February to 8 March.

John James Chambers, founder of the Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society, said: “It is only right that we honour George, his character and his creative genius on what would have been his 70th birthday. Musically he was very special and what The Beatles did will never happen again.”

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Track Of The Week: 'With A Little Luck'

This week's track of the week is 'With A Little Luck' taken from the Wings albums 'London Town' and 'Wings Greatest'.

Get your copy of 'With A Little Luck' now from iTunes:
London Town
Wings Greatest

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Esta es la historia de George y su guitarra Lucy. Lucy, una Gibson Les Paul 1958 de color rojo que es hasta hoy en día una leyenda de la música.

 “Lucy” había sido propiedad de músicos como John Sebastian (de The Lovin” Spoonful), Rick Derringer y Dan Armstrong antes de llegar a las manos de George.
Fue Eric Clapton, quien no la usaba con mucha frecuencia, el que se la entregó a manera de presente en 1968 (muchos dicen que a causa del incidente con Pattie Boyd).George la bautizó como Lucy pensando en la actriz Lucille Ball.
Una de las primeras grandes apariciones de esta guitarra se daría en las sesiones de grabación del “Álbum Blanco”, donde se hizo inmortal en el solo de “White My Guitar Gently Weeps”.
En 1973 Lucy se vería envuelta en un caso con ribetes policiales, cuando unos ladrones ingresaron a la casa de George en Beverly Hills y se la llevaron.
El valioso instrumento (se estima que en esa época podía costar no menos de 50 mil dólares) terminó en una tienda de Los Ángeles California, donde despertó el interés de un músico mexicano llamado Miguel Ochoa (en la foto junto a su esposa Carmen). El guitarrista, integrante de la banda La Fachada De Piedra, la compró por poco más de 650 dólares y, un buen día, se enteraría de que el propietario era George Harrison y que este andaba desesperado por recuperarla.

George contó que fueron muchas las negociaciones que tuvo con Miguel Ochoa para tener a Lucy de vuelta: “Lucy fue secuestrada y llevada a Guadalajara. Yo tuve que comprarle una Les Paul a este muchacho mexicano para que me la devolviera”, relató sobre el incidente. George le compró una Sunburst Les Paul 1958.

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IntrojectiveFor George: The exhibit will take place Feb. 26 through March 8 at The Liverpool Academy of Arts, 32 Seel St. in Liverpool.

An exhibition to celebrate what would have been George Harrison's seventieth birthday.
Five talented Merseyside artists - John Chaterton, Len Ehlan, Granelli, Simon Pritchardand Denise Theophilus, all passionate about George Harrison, will have their paintings on display showing their interpretation of George, his life and has music.
Opens to the public on Tuesday, 26th February and runs to Thursday 7th March.
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12 to 4 p.m.

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La imagen de George fue proyectada en la noche del domingo, como parte de la celebración por lo que sería su 70vo. cumpleaños, en Albert Dock, Liverpool.

The Beatles Story contribuyó para que esta imagen sea proyectada en uno de los edificios de Albert Dock la noche previa a su cumpleaños.

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'You Gave Me The Answer': Luana from Brazil Asks…

At the beginning of February PaulMcCartney.com launched 'You Gave Me The Answer', a new feature that will see Paul answering a question from his fans each month. We knew from our recent website survey that, given the opportunity, you had a great number of things you'd like to ask Paul, but we were overjoyed when only 24 hours later we had received more than 10,000 questions! After working our way through them we selected a shortlist and let Paul choose which one he wanted to answer.

Today we're pleased to announce that the first question for 'You Gave Me The Answer' comes from Luana in Brazil:

Luana asks: 'What would you do if you had a time machine?'

Paul stopped by last week to answer the question and he told us he would like to, 'Go back and spend time with my mum.'

To submit your question for next month's 'You Gave Me The Answer', click HERE!

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A VIGIL was being held today for what would have been Beatle George Harrison’s 70th birthday.
Fans of the iconic guitarist were leaving flowers on the Beatles statue in Cavern Walks, off Liverpool’s Matthew Street.
Organisers of the vigil said the theme would be “Imagine”, after the John Lennon song.

John James Chambers, founder of the Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society, told the ECHO: “The theme is ‘Imagine’ because we want to send the message of love out of from Liverpool to around the world, for peace and understanding.
“It is only right that we honour George, his character and his creative genius on what would have been his 70th birthday. Musically he was very special and what the Beatles did will never happen again.”

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On what would have been his 70th birthday, let's take a look at his seven biggest hits.
George was many things to many different people. He was a father, a husband, a songwriter, a guitarist, an actor, a movie producer, the organizer of the world’s first charity concert, a member of supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, a solo artist, and by the way, one of the Beatles. 

George’s solo work was introspective, inspirational, spiritual, and very successful. Though he only recorded 12 albums during his 33-year-long solo career, he sold millions of records and had several number one hit singles.While every fan picks out their own favorite songs, you might be surprised by which of his singles actually made the most impact on the charts. As we come to what would have been his 70th birthday, let’s take a look at his biggest hits.  

“My Sweet Lord” - US #1 / UK #1

George once stated that “My Sweet Lord” “saved many a heroin addict’s life”. Arguably the most successful religious song of all time, it is also the subject of one of the best-known plagiarism lawsuits in history. Harrison wound up paying over half a million dollars to the publishers of the Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine”, but that legal mess inspired him to write “This Song”. As for “My Sweet Lord”, Harrison would later go on to record and release several different versions of it, including a special single re-released in the UK shortly after his death. Raising money for his Material World charity foundation, it held the No.1 spot again for six weeks. 

“Got My Mind Set on You” - US #1 / UK #2

George vastly changed the arrangement of a forgotten oldie from James Ray and turned it into his first No.1 hit in 14 years. It was his last #1 hit, and currently the last #1 single from a former Beatle. Ironically, its classic music video lost all three MTV VMA categories in which it was nominated.

“Give Me Love Give Me Peace on Earth” - US #1 / UK #8

“This song is a prayer and personal statement between me, the Lord, and whoever likes it”. Those were George’s own words about his second #1 US hit. From that point on, he played it at every one of his concerts and donated its publishing royalties to charity. 

“All Those Years Ago” - US #2 / UK #13

A tribute to John Lennon, this featured Ringo on drums and back-up vocals from Paul and Linda (though all of them were not in the studio together at the same time). At the time of its release, it had been eight years since George had a top 20 hit in the UK and eight years since he had a top ten hit in the US.

“What Is Life” - US #10

In the UK, this served as the B-side to “My Sweet Lord”, but it was George’s second solo single in the States. The big question: is it a love song or a religious ode? Either way, Goodfellas taught us that it serves as the perfect soundtrack to being chased down the street by a helicopter. 

“Blow Away” - US #16 / UK #51

George didn’t like this song at first, but it eventually grew on him. While some say it was inspired by his love of Formula One racing, George himself stated that it was about how he “loved everybody” and needed to be more optimistic. Today it’s a fan favorite, with a 2010 AOL poll listing it as his second best solo song of all time.

“Bangla-Desh” - US #23 / UK #10

The country may be spelled as “Bangladesh”, but the record label to this hit reads “Bangla-Desh”. One of the first singles to raise money for charity, a live version of it was recorded onto The Concert For Bangladesh album. The entire project eventually raised over eight million dollars for UNICEF relief efforts.

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George hubiera cumplido hoy 70 años. Numerosas ofrendas florales han sido dejadas en su estatua en la Calle Mathew, de Liverpool y hoy se está realizando una vigilia donde además se cantará el tema 'Imagine' de John.
El organizador del evento, John James Chambers, declaró que la canción fue elegida pues esperan enviar al mundo un mensaje de amor, paz y entendimiento. "Es justo honrar el genio creativo y la personalidad de George en su 70 cumpleaños. Musicalmente él fue muy especial y un sello único para los Beatles", indicó Chamber.

La estatua de George en Liverpool fue adornada con flores.

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Una reunión pública para celebrar el 70 cumpleaños de George Harrison tendrá lugar el lunes 25 de febrero enPaseo de George Fama de Hollywood estrella en frente del edificio de Capitol Records Tower en Hollywood.

El evento organizado por el cumpleaños de George en su estrella (Los Angeles), se llevará a cabo el mismoLunes, 25 de febrero 2013, a partir de las 6:00 PM , en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood  (la ubicación es en su estrella) en frente del edificio de la torre de Capitol Records, el cual se encuentra a 1750 N . Vine Street, en Los Angeles.
La celebración, es un evento especial gratuito para el público. Los fans de George y los Beatles están invitados a llevar velas y flores para colocar alrededor de la estrella de George. A las 6:30pm se ha dispuesto presentar una torta y habrá una ceremonia de corte del mismo.

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War Child Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With New 'Best Of' Compilation

War Child celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with the release of ‘War Child 20: Best Of’. The charity helps war affected children by providing medical care, creating safe havens and helping to rebuild schools. To mark the anniversary the charity was presented with the first Special Recognition Award at the BRIT Awards this week. Check out their video below.

Paul features on the album twice; firstly as part of the Smokin’ Mojo Filters with Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Steve Cradock, Steve White and Carleen Anderson performing ‘Come Together’ from the inaugural War Child album ‘Help’. Paul’s second track included on 'War Child 20: Best Of' is ‘Calico Skies’ which originally featured on the charity’s follow up album ‘Hope’.

To pick up a copy of the album now through iTunes click HERE!

To learn more about charity click HERE!

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MANILA, Philippines --- The Philippine House of Representatives will award a congressional citation to fashion designer Yoko Ono, widow of rock legend John Lennon, for her generous donation to the victims of typhoon “Pablo” in Mindanao.
Yoko OnoThis developed as financial assistance and material donations continued to flow for the Mindanao victims who lost relatives and have been rendered homeless when typhoon Pablo unleashed huge amounts of rains that flooded many parts of Davao region.
Recent donors included Rotary International District 3780 members and members of the Court of Appeals led by Associate Justices Danton Bueser and Ricardo Rosario.
Rotary Clubs in Quezon City led by RI Governor Penny Policarpio visited typhoon victims on Tuesday to donate truckloads of relief goods and food.
Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo filed House Resolution 3010 to commend On for “her generous donation” to Pablo victims.
Ono, Japanese wife of Beatles legend John Lennon, sent $10,000 or P406,250 to help fund relief and rehabilitation efforts for the thousands of Mindanao families displaced by the typhoon.

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Is it true you turned to John Lennon for advice after protests at you performing a bilingual show in Montreal in 1969?

Petula ClarkI was doing a series of concerts at the Place des Arts in Montreal. I'd previously gone to Montreal as a French performer. But then Downtown became a huge hit everywhere, and they asked me to go back to Montreal, so I thought I could do a bilingual show and do both French and English songs. I was wrong. I sang in French and the English-speaking audience were unhappy and quite vocal, and the French were particularly vocal when I sang in English. It was like open war. It was really very hard, and I was very hurt and I couldn't understand it at all. I really didn't know what to do and I needed to talk to somebody who I had no connection with, and John was in town with Yoko doing a bed-in for peace. So after the show one night I went over the hotel – no security, of course, I just walked in – and said I wanted to see John Lennon. So up I went, and there they were sitting in bed and he was adorable. He could see I had a problem and he put his arms around me. I told him what it was all about and, well, he gave me some advice that I can't repeat.
Didn't he say "fuck 'em"? 
Yes, which was an interesting comment. Anyway, he said it didn't matter, let them get over it, and he told me to go and have a glass of wine in the living room, and there were a lot of people in there. It was just chilling out, nothing weird. There was some music being piped in, a very simple little song, and we started singing along with it, and it was Give Peace a Chance. We were all being filmed and recorded, so I'm on Give Peace a Chance.


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Planners have given the green light to convert the former headquarters of The Beatles’ record company, Apple Corps, into five luxury West End apartments.
Developer the Malins Group is also main contractor on the job which will start immediately.
Malins paid £6m for the six-storey 8,390 sq ft Grade II listed building on Baker Street last year.
The firm has now secured permission from Westminster City Council for a change of use to residential on the upper floors of the building,  with retail at street and lower ground level.
94 Baker Street_frontzoomLauren Atkins, MD of The Malins Group, said: “94 Baker Street is destined to become one of the capital’s most famous residential addresses.
“The building has a unique place in the history of The Beatles and we aim to preserve its fascinating heritage.

“We will be launching sales of the apartments on the 45th anniversary of the closure of the Apple Boutique and move of Apple Corps and the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Beatles.

“We have some great plans for the interiors – exuberant, imaginative, with a few Avant-garde touches- to capture the spirit of the Fab Four.”
As well as the base for The Beatles record empire in the late 1960s, the Apple Boutique was opened at street level selling clothes and accessories.

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Prudence Farrow says the Beatles were "real people"

The subject of a Beatles song is among the many foreign pilgrims visiting India's Kumbh Mela festival.
Prudence Farrow, about whom John Lennon wrote the song Dear Prudence, is also sister of Hollywood actor Mia Farrow.
The Kumbh Mela, which is held every 12 years, is billed as the world's biggest gathering of humanity.
Millions of Hindu ascetics and pilgrims take a dip at Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers in Allahabad city.
Ms Farrow says she waited for four decades to come to the Kumbh Mela.
She had first visited India in 1968 as a student of meditation and met the Beatles at Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's retreat in Rishikesh.
"I wanted to come to the Kumbh with the Maharishi, but that never happened," she told the BBC. Her guru died in 2008.
This year Ms Farrow finally made it to the Kumbh Mela with her husband Albert Bruns.


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