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The historic townhouse in Manhattan that John Lennon and Yoko Ono used as the Nutopian Embassy -- the diplomatic headquarters of their "conceptual country" of Nutopia -- is up for sale for a very real $4.25 million, according to Curbed. It's a funny story: On April Fool's Day in 1973, the legendary couple announced that they were founding Nutopia, which "has no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people," Lennon said at a news conference that day. "Nutopia has no laws other than cosmic. All people of Nutopia are ambassadors of the country. As two ambassadors of Nutopia, we ask for diplomatic immunity and recognition in the United Nations of our country and its people."

Lennon and Ono gave the address of the townhouse at One White Street in Manhattan as the location of the Nutopian Embassy, even though the former Beatle and his conceptual-artist wife never lived there. Though the whole thing was born from their imaginations, a lot of people apparently took it seriously. Owners of the property since then reportedly have received mail addressed to Yoko Ono.

As The Real Deal pointed out, the townhouse hasn't retained many of its characteristics from Lennon and Ono's day. The place has been completely gutted since the last time it was bought -- in 2010 for $3.25 million. Nick Petkoff and Alex Liu of Massey Knakal Realty Services have the listing.

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