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July 9th saw Paul's all-new "Out There" tour arrive in Boston to play the city's Fenway Park. Before the show Paul received a State Senate official citation in recognition of his "vast contributions to music and animal rights activism" from Massachusetts State Senator Bob Hedlund.

Paul's gig - his first visit to the home of the Boston Red Sox since August 2009 - broke his previous record for the largest single concert attendance in the history of the venue!

Watch the video below:

PAUL IN QUEBEC CANADA - Plains of Abraham

Paul performs with special guests: Lac-Megantic survivors. Paul paid tribute to victims of the Lac-Megantic tragedy Tuesday night, offering free concert tickets and dedicating a song to survivors at a concert. 

The pop legend received his longest ovation of the concert on Quebec City's historic Plains of Abraham upon playing "Let It Be."The song came with a special greeting from McCartney, delivered in French, to the people of Lac-Megantic.

About 1,000 people from the community had been given free tickets to the show, two weeks after a train disaster killed dozens of its residents.
"I would like to dedicate this song to the people of Lac-Megantic," McCartney said in English, before continuing in French and adding, "I dedicate this song to you."
The show began at dusk. As a DJ played a medley of Beatles covers, tens of thousands of people scrambled for spots offering the best vantage points from among the hills of the historic Plains of Abraham battlefield.

ing the music was a little more special for Caroline Tremblay than the average rock fan. Her husband 
was a big admirer of the former Beatle.
Tremblay's husband, Guy Bolduc, was among the dozens killed when fireballs from an exploding train devastated Lac-Megantic's downtown and engulfed the bar where he was performing. 

"He adored Mr. McCartney," Tremblay wrote in a moving letter to promoter 3 E Event, Experience, Emotion, which offered free tickets to the musician's show for Lac-Megantic survivors.
"You have allowed my children and me to discover the musical universe of this great artist and (a chance to) bathe in music at a party surrounded by our friends."
The free ticket idea was floated to McCartney's team by the promoter at the beginning of last week. The former Beatle's entourage quickly agreed.
Luci Tremblay, director of communications for promoter 3 E, said organizers were touched by Tremblay's message.

"I was almost crying when I read that message this (Monday) morning," she said. "It was very nice of her to write to us."
Quebec provincial police believe 47 people were killed in the July 6 disaster. About 2,000 people were forced to flee the area, although most have been allowed to return home.
About 70,000 tickets went on sale for the show, which was part of McCartney's "Out There" tour. A spokeswoman for 3 E said tickets were still available about four hours before the gig but she did not want to say how many. 

Luci Tremblay said 1,000 tickets had been set aside for Lac-Megantic residents, with about 900 taking up the offer. About 10 buses were also donated in the Lac-Megantic area to bring them to the show.
"We gave them 1,000 tickets but in our mind, if 200 persons want to come, or 400 or 600, the important thing for us was they can do it, no problem," said Tremblay prior to the concert.

She said Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche was pleased with the response because it represents about 10 per cent of the town's population.
Tremblay was also impressed with the interest, given the dire circumstances.
"Some people are preparing funerals, some of them are moving so maybe they're not in the mood to come but what we wanted was those who wanted to come, they can do it."
Those attending were to be seated in the general admission area behind the zone at the front of the stage.
They were not expected to meet with McCartney.

"What we heard is that he's going to talk to them, he's going to say something to them when he's on the stage," Tremblay said, noting that McCartney and his entourage were eager to support the free ticket idea.
In her email to the promoter, Bolduc's wife said people in Lac-Megantic are grateful for the chance to see the singer.
"It's a generous gesture that will give us a little break from the difficult moments," said Caroline Tremblay.
The tickets given to the Lac-Megantic survivors would regularly sell for $99.
The show was McCartney's fourth in the province of Quebec in the last five years.
He packed the Plains in 2008 as part of celebrations to mark the provincial capital's 400th anniversary.
One telecommunications company had even been offering a three-tickets-for-the-price-of-one promotion.
But Tremblay said sales were picking up as the event got closer.
The promoter also collected $65,000 in donations at a Bruno Mars concert on July 8, and set that to the town to help out.
Lac-Megantic residents were the only special guests at the McCartney show.
About 20 seats were also been set aside for blind Quebecers.

1. Honey Don't
2. Blue Suede Shoes
3. Jet
4. Penny Lane
5. C Moon
6. Let 'Em In
7. I'll Follow The Sun (+ 3 reprises)
8. It's So Easy
9. Every Night
10. San Francisco Bay Blues
11. Midnight Special (with the an a cappella chorus outro)
12. Something
13. Yesterday (brief)
14. Lady Madonna (very brief)

1. Eight Days A Week
2. Junior's Farm
3. All My Loving
4. Listen To What The Man Said
5. Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady
6. Paperback Writer
7. My Valentine
8. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
9. The Long And Winding Road
10. Maybe I'm Amazed
11. I've Just Seen A Face
12. We Can Work It Out
13. Another Day
14. And I Love Her
15. Blackbird
16. Here Today
17. Your Mother Should Know
18. Lady Madonna
19. All Together Now
20. Michelle
21. Lovely Rita
22. Mrs. Vandebilt
23. Eleanor Rigby
24. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
25. Something
26. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
27. Band On The Run
28. Back In The USSR
29. Let It Be
30. Live And Let Die
31. Hey Jude

Encore 1
32. Day Tripper
33. Hi Hi Hi
34. Birthday
35. Get Back
Encore 236. Yesterday
37. Helter Skelter
38. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight

39. The End

CBCTV (Canada)
Rendevous - Out There Canada 


Más de 100 músicos conocidos están llamando a a liberación de las miembros encarceladas del grupo punk ruso Pussy Riot, según Amnistía Internacional.
Amnistía dijo el lunes que Adele, U2, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Radiohead, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Ke$ha, Sir Paul McCartney y Sting están entre los que firmaron una carta abierta creada por el open grupo. 

Los músicos dicen en la carta que el impacto del “juicio y encarcelamiento terriblemente injustos (de las Pussy Riot) se regó ampliamente, especialmente entre sus colegas artistas, músicos y ciudadanos alrededor del mundo”.

Exhortaron a las autoridades rusas a liberar a Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, de 23 años, y Maria Alekhina, de 25, quienes fueron sentenciadas a dos años de cárcel en agosto pasado por realizar una protesta punk irreverente contra el presidente Vladimir Putin en la catedral principal de Moscú. Esta semana están previstas sus audiencias para revisión de apelación por libertad condicional. 

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Welsh Streets regeneration plans approved - but government may call inquiry

Next phase in long-running saga of homes in Dingle
Madryn Street, one of the threatened Welsh streets where Ringo Starr once lived
Madryn Street, one of the threatened Welsh streets where Ringo Starr once lived

Plans for a major regeneration of the city’s derelict Welsh Streets have been approved – but the government may call a public inquiry
Dozens of people who have campaigned both for and against Plus Dane’s £15m plans to demolish hundreds of homes and build new ones turned out at the town hall for the meeting.
The approved plans would see the demolition of up to 280 houses and 152 new ones built in the Dingle.
Passionate pleas were made by both sides, with pro-bid campaigners saying they had been forced to live in rat-infested, squalid conditions.
In turn, objectors said they did not necessarily oppose the demolitions, but believed up to 40 or 50 homes extra to the 40 to be refurbished – including Ringo Starr’s former Madryn Street home – could be saved from the wrecking ball.
But council planners said those proposals were not on the table, and could not be considered.
Welsh Streets blueprint unveiled
Welsh Streets blueprint unveiled

This afternoon the Department for Communities and Local Government issued an “Article 25 Direction”, which stops the council issuing the planning approval.
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles must now decide if he wants to call a public inquiry.
A number of supporters spoke at the meeting, with emotions running high.
Welsh Streets resident Paula McInerney said she had medical conditions that were being worsened by living in a deteriorating house, adding: “Unless you have to live in rat, slug and cockroach infested houses then you’ve no idea what we are having to put up with.
“We are living in Victorian conditions, some of us are living in Third World conditions that are slowly killing people.
“I require a heart and lung transplant and before I die I just want to live in a warm, cosy house with a garden.”
Supporters of the plans  said some objectors were not local and were trying to dictate to people what homes they should live in.
But the objectors said the plans relied too much upon demolition, and that they would attempt to force a public inquiry if they were pushed through.
Clementine Cecil, of Save Britain’s Heritage, told the committee “just because some objections are national or international doesn’t mean they don’t count”.
City heritage expert Jonathan Brown said the plans were “a triumph of managed decline."
Speaking after the meeting, council cabinet member for housing Cllr Ann O’Byrne said: “We hope Save have listened to the determination of residents to have quality homes.”
Kelvin Grove residents withdrew their objections when the street was taken out of the demolition plans, but said they still wished more could be saved.
Nina Edge, said: “We’re sorry for people who had to leave their homes who wanted to stay, who didn’t get the same result.” 

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YOKO ONO:WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) (MCA, Sydney, Australia)

Details of the 2013 Sydney International Art Series were announced at Art Gallery of New South Wales

In November 2012 MCA Facebookers were among the first to hear that our blockbuster exhibition for 2013 was by Yoko Ono.  Details of this exhibition here: http://bit.ly/11JWI7L

Yoko Ono: WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) (MCA, Sydney, Australia) 15 November 2013 - 23 February 2014 

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The home where George Harrison,grew up is blooming with summer flowers after local organisations joined forces to give the home and surrounding area a facelift.

George’s childhood home, 25 Upton Green in Speke, received special treatment last week after staff from South Liverpool Homes (SLH), Liverpool City Council’s Neighbourhood Team and McDonald’s Restaurants worked tirelessly to plant flowers around the green which is a popular tourist spot for Beatles’ fans. All 22 homes on the green were given planters filled with begonias and pansies to put in the front of their homes as part of McDonald’s ‘Love where you live’ campaign. They also painted railings and BT boxes in the green that were in need of some attention.

Speke was one of five Beatles-related areas to benefit from the clean-up to celebrate Beatles day. Other locations included John Lennon Drive in Kensington, the George Harrison Garden in Speke, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields in Woolton, and locations around the City Centre.
George Harrison moved to the SLH home at 25 Upton Green in 1949 when he was six years old. Back then, it was a brand new council house for George’s family where he lived until he became famous in 1965. It was then transferred to SLH in 1999 as part of the stock transfer.
Over 50 volunteers also donned gloves and used litter pickers to clean up a derelict site to make way for a new community growing scheme on South Parade in Speke. The scheme, which will be supported by SLH, will give local residents the opportunity to grow their own food as well as providing training and education opportunities for local young people. It is hoped that it will be ready for the community to use by spring 2014.

Julie Fadden, Chief Executive of South Liverpool Homes, said “It’s really great to see organisations working together to take pride in our local community. The little touches in Upton Green has had an immediate impact and given the estate a new lease of life. Clean-up days like this are a great example of what can be achieved if we all work together.” 

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New Video: Paul Gets #OutThere In Vienna 

In June Paul's all-new "Out There" tour took him to Vienna where he performed at the Ernst Happel Stadium. Before the show Paul got to meet superfan "McCartney", who also danced on stage with him during soundcheck. Watch the video below to learn more…

The concert at the Ernst Happel Stadium was Paul's first performance in Vienna since appearing at the city's Stadthalle in May 2003. That gig was part of Paul's 'Back in the World' tour and fans can check out the setlist from the night HERE! 

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This is the new trailer for the graphic novel of THE FIFTH BEATLE, follows the life of The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein who was known to many as “The Fifth Beatle” due to his efforts in grooming the band’s persona. The graphic novel (which will be released on Nov. 19 by Dark Horse Comics) already has a film adaptation in development (with Beatles music rights secured). 

The trailer will be screened as part of a continuously looping video throughout San Diego Comic-Con at the Dark Horse Comics booth. The novel's artist, Andrew Robinson, and writer/producer Vivek J. Tiwary will host a Fifth Beatle signing at the booth on Friday at 3 p.m. 

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  Paul played to a sold-out crowd of 47,000 people at Safeco Field on Friday, the first time a Major public concert was held at the baseball venue. 

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Julian Lennon was a special guest on this week's Larry King Now. Watch this revealing interview about his 15 year hiatus, his new album Everything Changes rekindling his passion and why growing up with an iconic father was not a fairytale. 


Everything Changes, marks the Grammy nominee's first album in 15 years. The mesmerizing set is a stunning achievement. Lyrically, it covers romance, introspection, and humanitarian concerns with artistic concision, mixing clever wordplay with emotional directness. The album is packaged with a powerful documentary Through The Picture Window featuring interviews with Steven Tyler and Bono. Everything Changes is available now oniTunes.


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ASK many people in Liverpool where the Queen Arcade is and they will probably look at you blank.
But while the little alley, which cuts a right angle behind the junction of Dale Street and Castle Street, may not be known to all, some of the customers of the small tailor’s shop along it are known the world over. 

Craft Tailoring, possibly the only tailoring firm left in Liverpool that actually hand makes its suits (most will take measurements and send the dimensions off to a factory to be made up), has, in its owner Walter Smith, a national award-winning suit-maker, who dressed the city’s great and good from the 1960s onwards.
It was in the summer of 1962 that one of his regular clients, NEMS music store owner Brian Epstein dropped in to see him.
But this time, he was not looking for new attire for himself.
“He came to see me and said ‘I’m bringing you four lads, musicians, and I’m going to manage them’,” remembers Walter. “I asked ‘Who are they?’ and he said ‘They’re called the Beatles’.
“I asked the girls in the work room, ‘Do you know these Beatles?’ and they said ‘Oh yes, they play at the Cavern’. I said, ‘They’ll never get anywhere with a stupid name like that’.”
After some haggling over the price, with Mr Epstein finding the 28 guinea per suit price tag a little steep – “It’s a bit much, they’re only starting out” – a deal was struck at 25 per outfit.
The suits would be the ones they would wear for their first TV appearance, on a Granada TV show.
Mr Smith remembers to this day all the details of the design.
“It was a blue silk and wool mix. It didn’t have the rounded neck line, it had little lapels, dropped shoulders, a slightly short box jacket, and very tight trousers.
We had to have them measured up and ready in a fortnight.
“They came in the following Wednesday for the fitting, and they were very lively. I remember their language was very choice. I had to say to them, ‘Would you mind moderating your language, this is a tailors’ shop’.
“I remember they were wearing these very narrow trousers, and winkle picker boots, and because they had been playing in the Cavern all night and sweating, I had to ask them to leave their boots outside. They smelled something awful.”
A fortnight later, the Beatles performed on TV, and took their first steps towards stardom. But in that intervening period, one of those Mr Snith made a suit for, Pete Best, was dismissed from the band, and replaced by Ringo Starr.
Presumably Ringo donned the suit intended for the sacked drummer that he had measured up.
While Mr Smith, who learnt his trade as a 16-year-old and has been in the business for more than 60 years, has had some eminent customers over the years, the Beatles remain, understandably, his most famous clients. And since he made those suits for the Fab Four, the tailoring craft has declined considerably in the city.
“Back then, North John Street was full of tailors, it was the Savile Row of the North. But today, men just don’t dress any more. When we were young men, we would tell the tailor exactly what we wanted, that was the way it was done. But today, the main thing a young man cares about is his car.
“But our clientele is mainly people who want something a bit special, of quality, and individual.

“Ultimately, they look better and last longer, so despite the initial outlay, they are actually better value.” 

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