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"Good Ol' Freda" is the untold story of Freda Kelly, the Beatles' trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame. The film is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2013.


INTERVIEWER:  Kathy, this documentary is very important for all Beatles fans, please tell us Kathy some details about what will happen in the first showing of the film will be March 9 

KATHY MCCABE:  The world premiere of Good Ol' Freda is scheduled for March 9, 2013 at the South x Southwest Film Festival in Austin Texas USA. SxSW is the most prestigious film festival for documentaries and we're very honored to be one of their headlining films. There will be many screenings during the film festival so fans should contact the SxSW box office to find out how the screening schedule and how to get tickets. After the first showing, Freda and Director Ryan White will have a Questions and Answers session with the audience.

INTERVIEWER:  Freda Kelly will be at the festival attending screenings and for Questions and Answers sessions
KMcC: Yes, Freda will be attending the Festival for a week and will be doing many interviews and Q & A sessions with the press and festival attendees.
INTERVIEWER:  The film will be present at other festivals?
KMcC: Yes, Good Ol' Freda has been selected for 5 more film festivals and we hope to be selected by many more. We are not at liberty to tell you which five though because the Festivals have not yet made their selections public.
INTERVIEWER:: In the documentary include unreleased material from audio, video or photos of Freda or The Beatles?
KMcC: Yes, the documentary will include never-before-seen photographs of Freda, The Beatles, Freda with The Beatles families, and hopefully some very special music! 
INTERVIEWER:: Thank you very much Kathy and my congratulations for this documental so important to all the Beatles fans around the world, something you wish add to all the Beatlefans?
KMcC:  I'd like to thank Beatles fans around the world who have made this film possible with their donations through Kickstarter and The Southern Documentary Fund. It's amazing how many fans contributed. They are still contributing as a matter of fact to help us with our high post-production costs. If anyone wants to help, just google Southern Documentary Fund and Good Ol' Freda project and they can make a tax deductible donation. We are so grateful to Beatles fans everywhere and hope everyone gets to see the film soon. Hope everyone knows about our website and our Facebook page. With gratitude, Kathy McCabe, Producer, Good Ol' Freda.

INTERVIEWER:: Thank you Kathy, a pleasure talk with you !

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