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Not Fade Away Gallery releases never-before-published gallery-quality, hand-numbered limited editions of 100 of the rarest and most intimate iconic images from the ‘Lost Beatles’ and ‘Lost Rolling Stones’ photographic archive at mold-breaking consumer prices. Taken by their late U.S. Tour Manager Bob Bonis between 1964-1966, the photographs are being released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ and Stones’ first tours of North America and the 50th anniversary of The British Invasion.
New York, NY -Not Fade Away Gallery announced today the release, for the first time ever, of previously-unpublished, gallery-quality limited editions of 100 rare, vintage, unguarded, intimate, and iconic images of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones from the Bob Bonis Photographic Archive, 1964-1966, which are now available in limited quantity only on Amazon.
This release, by NFA Gallery, breaks the mold of the traditional fine-art collector market by offering investment-quality prints at introductory prices making them more affordable to a wider spectrum of collectors and fan. Due to the small edition sizes, prints are expected to sell briskly and will increase in price and value as the editions sell down.
The Bob Bonis Archive is considered one of the most important photographic collections to have ever been discovered. Bonis had the incredible good fortune to serve as US Tour Manager for both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones from 1964 through 1966, beginning with both bands’ first tours of America. The images are unguarded, personal, powerful and often iconic, showing The Beatles and The Rolling Stones not only on stage, but also behind the scenes, backstage, in the recording studio, at TV and film appearances, rehearsing, at play and on the road. They document the two most important bands in rock history at the most important period in their careers – coming to and conquering America, heralding the ‘British Invasion’.
Howard Kramer, curatorial director of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum said: “The Bob Bonis Collection is an unmatched view into the inner circle of the most iconic groups of all time. It’s illuminating, humanizing and intimate.”
Due to the small edition sizes, prints are expected to sell briskly and increase in value and price as the editions sell down.

Larry Marion, curator of The Bob Bonis Archive and director of Not Fade Away Gallery, said “Due to personal nature of his relationship with the then-future superstars, Bonis’ photographs have an honesty that is lacking in much of the body of music and celebrity-related photography. The Rolling Stones especially, who are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary as a band were, as explained in the recent documentary Crossfire Hurricane, cultivating their bad-boy image and allowed Bonis to shoot extremely provocative photographs. His photographs of both The Beatles and Stones provide us with the only real insider’s view of this period in rock history. A period that changed the worlds of music, fashion, politics and social behavior forever.“

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