viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013


Paul requests only vegetarian meals during set-up

A whole lot of burly stage workers at Mosaic Stadium are on a strict diet this week, thanks to Paul.
Paul is playing an outdoor show at the stadium tonight. He has long been known as a staunch vegan and a vehement supporter of animal rights, even travelling with his wife to northern Canada to protest seal hunting practices in 2006.
As part of the deal to bring Paul here everyone who is working on the staging for the show is getting a taste of how he lives -- literally. Evraz Place Vice-President Neil Donnelly says the workers are being served vegetarian meals at Paul's order.
"I think the bigger you get the more you want things done your way," he concedes. "So if it means traveling with your own folks to take care of that they can do that."
Donnelly says so far the workers have enjoyed the meals.
"Obviously there's a few jokes flying around about people ordering pizza," he laughs.
An Evraz executive later clarified that the Mosaic concessions will still be selling their standard fare, including meat products, though that hasn't been the case in the past at some venues. 

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