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On 23 August 1963, the "She Loves You" single was released in the United Kingdom with "I'll Get You" as the B-side

She Loves You single - United Kingdom
In case there was any doubt that The Beatles were a bona fide UK phenomenon by August 1963, the release of their fourth single went beyond all expectations.
The songs were recorded on 1 July 1963. She Loves You, with its b-side I'll Get You, was The Beatles' first single to sell more than a million copies in Britain. This it did on 27 November.
The single entered the charts on 31 August, and remained there for 31 consecutive weeks. It reached number one on 14 September, remained there for a month, and returned for a second time on 30 November.

The songwriting credit on the label was switched to "Lennon–McCartney" for this release – a switch from the "McCartney–Lennon" order of nearly all prior Beatles releases – and would remain this way during the remainder of the band's tenure.
There was tremendous anticipation ahead of the release – thousands of fans had ordered the group's next single as early as June, well before a title had been known.By the day before it went on sale, some 500,000 advanced orders had been placed for it. The single set several British sales records. It entered the charts on 31 August and remained in the charts for 31 consecutive weeks, 18 of those weeks in the top three. During that period, it claimed the ranking of number one on 14 September, stayed number one for four weeks, dropped back to the top three, then regained the top spot for two weeks starting on 30 November. This re-gaining of the top spot was very unusual at the time.It then made its way back into the charts for two weeks on 11 April 1964, peaking at 42. It passed sales of a half million copies by early June and a million by late November,whereupon it was awarded a gold record.The song's run on the charts coincided with the 13 October 1963 performance of the group on Sunday Night at the London Palladium and the emergence of full-blown Beatlemania in the United Kingdom.
It was the best-selling single of 1963 and is the Beatles' all-time best-selling single in the UK. It was the best-selling single of any artist in the United Kingdom for 14 years until it was surpassed by "Mull of Kintyre" by Wings (written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine).As of November 2012, it is the eighth best-selling single of all time by any artist in the UK, with sales of 1.9 million copies. 

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