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Eric Clapton talked about his music, his memories of John Lennon, Old Sock, his influences and a lot more...

What inspired you creatively to cut this new album?
I think when I was making this album I wanted to have everything that belonged to an era when I was a kid, until now. I wanted to get the memories back through the songs. Moreover I wanted this album to have songs dedicated to my family. So all these thoughts actually led to the way this album was cut out and nothing related to any specific creative planning.
When do you plan to visit India?
I have been planning about this for a while now. I am aware I do have a huge fan base in India and so soon I would want to do a show for them. It's always a special feeling when you see that a country so far away still appreciates your music so much. I would also love to tour around as I have been hearing a lot about the culture in India.
How did you arrive at the playlist for Old Sock? Did you see it as a double or triple album at first and pare it down to a single or was it meant to be a single album?
It was always meant to be a single album compilation of all my memories over the years.
How was it, working with Paul McCartney on one of the tracks on the album?
Working with Paul was a pleasure. It's always fun to work with people who are so into music and know what they are doing. You learn so much. I like the song Paul has done for this album, it's got a different touch to it.
The entire album has a 'holiday' feel to it... a very comfortable vibe. Could you elaborate on the overall tone of this album, please?
Yes this album has a very chilled out tone to it. Very calm and relaxing. And like I said it takes you on a tour from the thirties till now. And the aim was to make it a comforting music album and it seems to have worked out well.
What do you like best about 'Old Sock' as a whole?
When you ask me what I like about 'Old sock', I will have to say the range of different songs and different artist who has worked on it. I can't specify anything about what I like because this album is very close to my heart and has it all.
The album cover is apparently a self shot camera phone portrait! Are you a gadget loving kind of person?
Well yes the artwork for my album has been all done by me. I can't say I don't love gadgets. And that picture was just a simple picture of me looking fairly relaxed but I looked at it and was determined to use that.
Doyle Bramhall shares co-production credits with you on this album. What was it like, producing the album with him?
Doyle is a friend and it was very good producing this whole thing together. Both him and the others, we all click straight away. This album kind of satisfied what everybody in the team wanted and so it was really an amazing experience for all.
I'd met Doyle Bramhall II when he was in India. During that meeting, coincidentally, he got a call from you. You were in Antigua at that time. Doyle was all praise for you, with the kind if mutual respect that expert musicians have for each other. How do you regard him as a person and as a musician?
Doyle and I both really share the same kind of respect for each other. He is a very prolific writer and he likes to try and write for me because we are a guitar players and it's a reminiscing of stuff. We could connect very well. He wrote song with a sort of twining guitar rift and things... It really worked very well for me.
Your playing style with Cream was different from that with Derek and the Dominoes and Blind Faith, as well as the late 70s and so on. Now, would you say you are in another 'phase' of guitar playing?
Well I wouldn't know if it's being in a different phase of guitar playing or not but I guess what mattered to me was to try different things I like to try. I think it's good to sometimes have a bit of change in styles to make it crisp.
Do you play best in a group where you have fellow musicians to drive you or are you at your best as a solo musician?
I think I am fine with both really. I just don't really prefer working in a studio setting and apart from that I really have no issues playing in a group or solo. Both has its positives and negatives.
Do you improvise such amazing solos on the fly or do you have some sort of structure in your mind before a gig, like begin points and end points?
We have done so many shows by now that we really do not require a planning but yes there needs to be some sort of highlights about the end and start and rest works with improvisation if need be. 

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