lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013


As always Yoko brings controversy along for the ride. 

Courtesy Yoko Ono & Legacy Fine Art - Charlotte Muhl and Sean LennonConsidering that the relationship and endeavors of Beatles front man John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono often evoked controversy, it's not all that surprising that In My Life: The Artwork of John Lennon is doing more than causing folks to "come together." It, too, is ruffling some feathers in the art world.
The exhibit, organized by Legacy Fine Art and Productions and Ono, features approximately 100 prints of sketches and drawings that Lennon created between the mid-1960s and his death in 1980. Some of the works, ranging in price from $200-$25,000, have been doctored with slight tintings, color additions and other manipulations absent in the original compositions.
This has irked Gary Arseneau, a printmaker of original lithographs, to the point of sending out press releases that call the art "fraudulent" and creating a website based around the idea that "The dead don't create artwork."


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