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Yoko Ono launches the education bus in Liverpool 

Yoko Ono returned to the home of John Lennon to unveil a new bus dedicated to her husband’s memory. 
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus was launched at the Museum of Liverpool yesterday and the former Beatle’s widow - the patron and major sponsor of the project - was guest of honour.

The bus, equipped with the latest studio equipment, is designed to give young people across Europe the chance to try their hand at music and the creative arts. Among the first to use its facilities was Liverpool-based boyband Mic Lowry, who performed at the launch ceremony. 

Crowds were also shown a video about the bus, which included scenes shot in John’s childhood home in Menlove Avenue. Speaking afterwards, 80-year-old peace activist Yoko said: “I'm absolutely delighted with the band - I thought they were absolutely incredible and their sound was amazing. “That is the sort of thing we want to produce with the help of the bus. “To be able to offer young people the chance to use it is wonderful and I am very pleased and proud.” The bus will include the latest sound and video editing technology and be free for youngsters to use.A similar vehicle has been running in the US for 16 years. It visits schools, festivals and events to provide hands-on activities. Yoko said the decision to launch the European version in Liverpool was an obvious one. She added: “I wasn’t going to launch it in Paris or Berlin. 
It obviously felt right to do it here because of John. “The city is looking fantastic at the moment - there are so many new and exciting things, including the museum. “Whenever I come back to Liverpool I feel close to John and to his childhood. When I’m in the city I feel he is everywhere with me. “I think he would be proud of what we’re doing. I’m hoping he is finally relaxing now and thinks I am doing a good job.”  


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