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Ok, Beatles fans, here comes the... "Don't say it!," exclaimed Dhani Harrison, the son and only child of the late George Harrison, with a laugh.


The son has indeed come, though, and in a big way. Having made himself more publicly visible after his father's death in 2001, Harrison now leads his own band, Thenewno2, which most recently created the soundtrack for the current film "Beautiful Creatures," and also played a lead role in the development of the Beatles' "Rock Band" videogame.
Suffice to say, however, that if he had a dollar for every pun he has heard on his father's classic song "Here Comes the Sun" (1969), the 34-year-old wouldn't have any need of Beatles royalties.

"You know, we did this great, funny press release with quotes about (the band), and it said, 'Here comes the son' - Vogue. 'Here comes the son' - Elle. Most people who write about you label you, and it's easy to go for certain things. It's hard to talk about ideas or what the industry is doing or all the fun stuff, because people don't really know about it, or want to.
"I just try to make it difficult for people to make it look like I'm just another kid of (the Beatles)."


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