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Prabhupada, Patti Boyd and George

The Bhaktivedanta Manor is hold an ancient Adivasa Puja ceremony to mark its fourtieth anniversary.
One of the most elaborate Havans ever to be held at Bhaktivedanta Manor with 100 priests and over 500 invited guests, will celebrate forty years of the “Home of Lord Krishna”. The celebrations take place this Sunday March 24.
Famous for holding the largest festival for Krishna, Shri Krishna Janamastami, outside India, Bhaktivedanta Manor has been regarded by many as a pilgrimage site.
1969 was the year that the late George Harrison of the Beatles produced the chart-topping "Hare Krishna Mantra" single, and the Hare Krishnas made their first appearance on British television, singing live on Top of the Pops.
Harrison, who was deeply impressed by the founder of the Hare Krishna Movement outside of India, Srila Prabhupada, was concerned that their temple in Bury Place near the British Museum was overcrowded.
He offered to donate a much larger property ‘somewhere in the countryside but within easy travelling distance from London’.
In January 1973 Harrison donated Piggott’s Manor and estate and after the exchange of contracts, 25 enthusiastic devotees moved in and renamed the estate Bhaktivedanta Manor.

And so a great Temple was established, with a devotional legacy now spanning 40 years.
One of the first devotees to know George Harrison was Dhananjaya Das and he said “it was a time of great significance and recognition to be given such a generous gift for the worship of Krishna in the UK”.
The current Temple President His Grace Sruitdharma Das said “this is time of serving those who have made it possible for us to continue serving their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulandanda, Sita Rama Laxman Hanuman and Gaura Nita”
The Havan will be followed by the spectacular Festival of Colours,Holi and the celebration of Gaura Purnima the Appearance of Lord Chaitanya, who is the Krishna Himself coming to show us how to serve in the mood of Radha Rani.
The Manor continues to be a focal point for devotees of Lord Krishna and the initial approval of the planning brief by Hertsmere Council for a Haveli, will mean Bhaktivedanta Manor will provide more facilities to its congregation and pilgrims for the next generation, building on the legacy of those who helped to secure the Temple in 1973

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