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Untold story of John chronicled in new book

A new book on John is to be released next month, focusing on a significant and largely untold story of the former Beatle’s life.
Titled ‘Lennon Bermuda’, the book focuses on the musician’s time spent on Bermuda in 1980, and is to be released on April 29th, through Double Fantasy Bermuda.
Stories from the moment Lennon rushed into a pawn shop to buy a used guitar before setting sail in June 1980, to his time alone at the helm guiding the Megan Jaye during a fierce Atlantic storm, are recalled in detail for the first time in ‘Lennon Bermuda’.
Once on the semi-tropical island of Bermuda, a transformation in Lennon quickly gathered momentum, as he was inspired to write and record music again. He worked on songs that ultimately featured on his comeback album ‘Double Fantasy’, which ended his five-year hiatus from the music business when released later that same year.
The book features first-hand accounts from people Lennon met along the way, and takes the reader step by step on a fascinating journey with undoubtedly one of the 20th century’s greatest artists. His trip to Bermuda is now regarded as one of the most significant moments in the musician’s life, acting as a catalyst that led to his reemergence as a recording artist shortly before his murder in New York City in December 1980.
To complement and accompany the book is a double CD, which features an array of established artists from around the world, alongside a host of local talent from Bermuda, all paying tribute to Lennon’s incredible catalogue with their own interpretations of songs from his Beatle days to his final solo material.
Illustrated with photographs and artwork by Bermudian artist Graham Foster, ‘Lennon Bermuda’ provides insight into what became Lennon’s last summer holiday and his return to music-making.

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